January Charity

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society A non-profit 501(c)3 animal humane organization, was formed in 2000 by a group of 5 concerned citizens with the idea of building a beautiful 20 acre sanctuary to house all of the unwanted animals in our community. At the time, though, animals were dying at rate of around 30,000 per year in our local shelters. As we took the time to research how other communities reduced their impound and euthanasia rates, we discovered a common denominator: spay/neuter. Therefore, we decided to refocus the majority of our resources away from rescue and toward promoting spay/neuter as the solution to the tragic pet-overpopulation problem here in Las Vegas. Through our targeted and aggressive spay/neuter programs we prevent thousands of unwanted litters each year.

February Charity (February 2)

Shade Tree The Shade Tree was established in 1989 as Jubilee Ministries and, at the time, had little more to offer than safety, shelter, and cots in the basement of Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church. In 1990, diocese members, Junior League of Las Vegas, and the City of Las Vegas collaborated to establish a permanent shelter. In December 1990 The Shade Tree opened in a building owned by Catholic Charities.

Within ten years, The Shade Tree had far outgrown this first building. Programs and services that were truly helping women attain self-reliance were taxing the old building. To address these growing pains, Donald W. Reynolds Foundation made a dream come true with a $5 million dollar capital grant to build a new facility at the corner of Owens and Main Street.