imageIn August 1995, Donna Rocker was just browsing the web and came across some sites about Jimmy Buffett and Parrot Heads.  After looking further into it, she learned about Parrot Head clubs. Much to her surprise she also learned there was no such club in Las Vegas.  This had to be changed!  She set out recruiting help in forming Las Vegas’ first Parrot Head Club.  She contacted other clubs across the country and with their help the officers were chosen and responsibilities assigned.  The Las Vegas Club at that time was one of the latest clubs to be formed (kind of like the parakeet in the phlock).

The Las Vegas Parrot Head Club met officially for the first time on January 3, 1996 at Tommy Rocker’s Cantina and Grill.  It was a “phlocking” which is another name for “social gathering” otherwise known as Party with a Purpose!

Since then we have grown up, changed our name to Phin City Parrot Head Club, and had great leadership to help us along the way.  However, we have never stopped doing environmental work in our community, helping local charities, and enjoying the party along the way.

Our phlock still gathers at Tommy’s each month and instead of a jukebox with 4 Jimmy Buffett CD’s, we have live entertainment (often Tommy himself) to help us lift our glasses for a pirate toast and say,  “Argh”.  Thanks to Tommy and Donna Rocker, our founders, we are enjoying cheeseburgers in paradise, Las Vegas.   Stop by and join us on the first Saturday of each month!